Artist’s Statement

This body of work is based on The Count of Monte Cristo and misunderstandings in personal relationships. I have incorporated the themes from the book as they related to my own life at points in time. Using my own photographs, illustrations, and objects to help draw a parallel to the personal events in my own life and how those events relate to specific instances in the novel.

As a Photographer, I wanted to be able to marry my images to a variety of visual themes and not be restricted by a singular medium to express the moods and themes of this body of work. It is important for the viewer to understand that there is a connection with The Count of Monte Cristo and my close intimate relationships with others. The works here are vignettes into my world. The visuals behind the windows are fragmented memories from my life. I have included made and found objects in the pieces in order to complete the themes of ideas being conveyed in the pieces.

The pieces are visual interpretation of learning to move on in life from difficult experiences and understanding how those moments in time change us forever.

Assemblage/Collage/Mixed Media